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Angelic Shirts & Apparel, LLC

About Us

The vision and foundational work for Angelic Shirts & Apparel, LLC was started in 2020 as the next logical step for its founder and CEO Pat McNeil.  After working for over 35 years with an array of non-profit organizations focused on educating and uplifting young people, Mr. McNeil had a desire to respond to so much hate and negativity in the world.  Over the years, he had collected hundreds of positive, fun and inspiring messages as a hobby, and what better way to make a difference than by sharing those messages with others, especially with women's tops.

He chose the name Angelic Shirts & Apparel (ASA) as a dedication to his late mother Mary E. McNeil (photo below) who passed away after a valiant fight with COVID and was always such an inspiration to her children and extended family. The name symbolizes the good karma that anyone can receive by simply being a good human.

Pat McNeil, M.Ed_
Mary McNeil - In Memoriam
Pat McNeil - Picture with Colin Powell

Company Values

  • Quality Merchandise

  • Competitive Pricing

  • Satisfied Customers

  • Good Karma

  • Made in the USA

We Give Back

The company’s roots lie in service to the community, so we believe part of our mission is to give back, whenever possible, to those less fortunate.  As we grow, a small percentage of our profits will go to charities or non-profit organizations that help those in need or families in crisis.

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